Encyclopedia of Lunar Science

Encyclopedia of Lunar Science

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Albedo/photometric mapping.- Ancient Lunar Dynamo / magnetic field.- Atmosphere, evolution of.- Atmosphere, present (including sodium enhancements).- Basaltic volcanism.- Breccias.- Chemistry of lunar surface.- Core properties.- Craters-ages and evolution.- Craters-concentric.- Crater counting / densities.- Craters-secondaries.- Craters-sizes and morphologies.- Dark Halo Lunar Craters.- Differentiation and Internal Structure.- Digital Elevation Models.- Domes, volcanic domes, dome fields.- Eclipses, Lunar (and thermal effects on the lunar surface).- Electrical and electromagnetic properties of lunar surface.- Electrostatic Dust Transport.- Ejecta ridges, physical properties.- Geology.- Geology (Apollo and Luna landing sites).- Giant Impact Hypothesis (Lunar Origin).- Gravity mapping.- Highlands, farside.- Highlands-Mare Boundaries.- Highlands, nearside.- Hypervelocity impact phenomena, natural and laboratory.- Impact Ejecta.- Impacts, past.- Impacts, present.- Interaction with solar wind and cosmic rays.- Interior.- Isotopic History and Properties.- KREEP (potassium, K; Rare Earth Elements; Potassium).- Lava tubes, volcanic features.- Lunar Chronology.- Lunar environment.- Lunar Geochemistry.- Lunar magnetism.- Lunar Melts.- Lunar Meteorites.- Lunar Petrology.- Lunar Remote Sensing.- Lunar Samples.- Lunar Swirls.- Lunar Volatiles.- Magma Ocean.- Manned spaceflight to the Moon, past and future.- Mapping.- Mare basaltic lavas.- MASCON and gravitational profile.- Mineralogy of lunar crater central peaks.- Minerals, oxides (ilmenite, spinels, armalcolite).- Minerals, phosphates.- Minerals, silicates (pyroxene, plagioclase feldspar, olivine, silica minerals).- Minerals, sulfides (troilite and others).- Moment of Inertia.- Moonquakes.- Natural resources.- Optical Maturity (OMAT).- Orbital dynamics.- Origin and evolution, surface / crust.- Origin and evolution, interior.- Paleomagnetism.- People (scientists, astronauts).- Physical Libration.- Plasma Environment.- Polar environment.- Radiation from moon, reflection and emission.- Radiation, ionizing.- Radiometry.- Rays, ejecta patterns.- Regional distribution of lunar rock types.- Regolith, depth / vertical structure.- Regolith (dust properties including grain size and distribution).- Regolith, spectral properties, evolution and maturity.- Rocks, highland pristine (Igneous and monomict breccias).-Rocks, spectral properties of highland rocks.- Soil variations with depth.- Soil Simulants.- Spectral analysis of lunar samples.- Stratigraphy and relative ages of lunar surface units.- Thermal properties, bulk.- Thermal properties, surface.- Titanium abundances / distribution.- Topography mapping.- Transient Phenomena-Plausible.- Transient Phenomena-Doubtful.- Unmanned missions.- Vapor Mobilized Elements (including vapor transport).- Volcanic glasses.- Water ice deposits.- Weathering agents and processes.
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Basaltic Volcanism;Cosmic Weathering;Geologic History;Lunar Chemistry;Lunar History;Lunar Science;Lunar Surface Processes;Lunar Weathering;Meteoritic Impact;Tectonic Activity