Encyclopedia of Coastal Science

Encyclopedia of Coastal Science


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Accretion and Erosion Waves on Beaches;- Africa, Coastal Ecology;- Africa, Coastal Geomorphology;- Algal Rims;- Alluvial-Plain Coasts;- Altimeter Surveys, Coastal Tides, and Shelf Circulation;- Antarctica, Coastal Ecology and Geomorphology;- Aquaculture;- Archaeology;- Archaeology and Sea-Level Change;- Arctic, Coastal Ecology;- Arctic, Coastal Geomorphology;- Artificial Islands;- Asia, Eastern, Coastal Ecology;- Asia, Eastern, Coastal Geomorphology;- Asia, Middle East, Coastal Ecology and Geomorphology;- Asteroid-Impact Coasts;- Atlantic Ocean Islands, Coastal Ecology;- Atlantic Ocean Islands, Coastal Geomorphology;- Atolls;- Australia, Coastal Ecology;- Australia, Coastal Geomorphology;- Barrier;- Barrier Island Formation and Development Modes;- Barrier Island Landforms;- BARS;- Bay Beaches;- Beach and Nearshore Instrumentation;- Beach Awards and Certifications;- Beach Drainage;- Beach Environmental Quality;- Beach Erosion;- Beach Features;- Beach Management Tools;- Beach Nourishment;- Beach Processes;- Beach Profile;- Beach Ridges;- Beach Safety Research;- Beach Sediment Characteristics;- Beach Stratigraphy;- Beach Use and Behaviors;- Beachrock;- Beaufort Wind Scale;- Bioconstruction;- Bioengineered Shore Protection;- Bioerosion;- Biogeomorphology;- Bioherms and Biostromes;- Black and Caspian Seas, Coastal Ecology and Geomorphology;- Bogs;- Boulder Barricades;- Boulder Beaches;- Boulder Pavements;- Capping of Contaminated Coastal Areas;- Carbonate Beaches;- Caribbean Islands, Coastal Ecology and Geomorphology;- Carrying Capacity in Coastal Areas;- Cave and Karst in Coastal Settings;- Cays;- Chalk Coasts;- Changing Sea Levels;- Cheniers;- Cliffed Coasts;- Cliffs, Erosion Rates;- Cliffs, Lithology Versus Erosion Rates;- Climate Patterns in the Coastal Zone;- Coastal Barrier Preservation and Destruction;- Coastal Boundaries;- Coastal Changes, Gradual;- Coastal Changes, Rapid;- Coastal Climate;- Coastal Currents;- Coastal Dynamics;- Coastal Erosion;- Coastal Erosion Management;- Coastal Evolution in Microtidal Seas in Holocene;- Coastal Flood Hazard Mapping;- Coastal Hazard Indicators;- Coastal Hoodoos;- Coastal Lake Systems;- Coastal Management Practices;- Coastal Modeling;- Coastal Risk;- Coastal Scenery;- Coastal Seafloor Geomorphological Features, Classfication;- Coastal Sedimentary Facies;- Coastal Soils;- Coastal Subsidence;- Coastal Temperature Trends;- Coastal Upwelling and Downwelling;- Coastal Warfare;- Coastal Wells;- Coastal Wind Effects;- Coastline Changes;- Coasts, Coastlines, Shores, and Shorelines;- Cohesive Sediment Transport;- Conservation of Coastal Sites;- Continental Shelves;- Coral Reef Coasts;- Coral Reef Islands;- Coral Reefs;- Coral Reefs, Emerged;- Cross-Shore Sediment Transport;- Cross-Shore Variation of Grain Size on Beaches;- Cuspate Forelands;- Dalmatian Coasts;- Dams, Effect on Coasts;- Deltaic Ecology;- Deltas;- Demography of Coastal Populations;- Depth of Closure on Sandy Coasts;- Depth of Disturbance;- Desalination;- Desert Coasts;- Developed Coasts;- Dikes;- Dissipative Beaches;- Dredging of Coastal Environments;- Drift and Swash Alignments;- Driftwood;- Dune Ridges;- Dynamic Equilibrium of Beaches;- Economics of Beaches;- El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO);- Endogenic and Exogenic Factors;- Energy and Sediment Budgets of the Global Coastal Zone;- Engineering Applications of Coastal Geomorphology;- Environmental Quality;- Eolian Processes;- Eolianite;- Erosion of Coastal Systems;- Erosion Processes;- Erosion: Historical Analysis and Forecasting;- Estuaries;- Estuaries: Anthropogenic Impacts;- Europe, Coastal Ecology;- Europe, Coastal Geomorphology;- Eustasy;- Eustasy and Sea Level;- Faulted Coasts;- Geochronology;- Geodesy;- Geographic Information Systems (GIS);- Geographical Coastal Zonality;- Geohydraulic Research Centers;- Geomorphology and Sea Level;- Geotextile Applications;- Glaciated Coasts;- Global Positioning Systems (GPS);- Global Vulnerability Analysis;- Gravel Barriers;- Gravel Beaches;- Gross Transport;- Ground-Penetrating Radar;- Gulf Shorelines, Last Eustatic Cycle;- Headland-Bay Beach;- Health Benefits;- History of Coastal Geomorphology;- History, Coastal Ecology;- History, Coastal Protection;- Holocene Coastal Geomorphology;- Holocene Epoch;- Honeycomb Weathering;- Human Impact on Coasts;- Hydrology of the Coastal Zone;- Ice-Bordered Coasts;- Indian Ocean Coasts, Coastal Ecology;- Indian Ocean Coasts, Coastal Geomorphology;- Indian Ocean Islands, Coastal Ecology and Geomorphology;- Ingression, Regression, and Transgression;- Isostasy;- Jet Probes;- Karst Coasts;- Klint;- Last Interglacial;- Late Quaternary Marine Transgression;- Lifesaving and Beach Safety;- Littoral;- Littoral Cells;- Littoral Drift Gradient;- Longshore Sediment Transport;- Machair;- Managed Retreat;- Mangroves, Ecology;- Mangroves, Geomorphology;- Mangroves, Remote Sensing;- Marine Debris-Onshore, Offshore, and Seafloor Litter;- Marine Litter;- Marine Parks;- Marine Terraces;- Mass Wasting;- Meteorological Effects on Coasts;- Microtidal Coasts;- Middle America, Coastal Ecology and Geomorphology;- Mining of Coastal Materials;- Modeling Platforms, Terraces, and Coastal Evolution;- Modes and Patterns of Shoreline Change;- Monitoring Coastal Ecology;- Monitoring Coastal Geomorphology;- Morphodynamic Stability of Tidal Inlet-Bay Systems;- Muddy Coasts;- Natural Hazards;- Navigation Structures;- Nearshore Geomorphological Mapping;- Nearshore Sediment Transport Measurement;- Nearshore Wave Measurement;- Net Transport;- New Zealand, Coastal Ecology;- New Zealand, Coastal Geomorphology and Oceanography;- North America, Coastal Ecology;- North America, Coastal Geomorphology;- Notches;- Offshore Sand Banks and Linear Sand Ridges;- Offshore Sand Sheets;- Oil Spills;- Oil Spills, High-Energy Coasts;- Open-Coast Tidal Flat Deposits;- Pacific Ocean Islands, Coastal Ecology;- Pacific Ocean Islands, Coastal Geomorphology;- Paired Baymouth Spits;- Paleocoastlines;- Paraglacial Coasts;- Peat;- Photogrammetry;- Physical Models;- Placer Deposits;- Pleistocene Epoch;- Pluvial Lake Shore Deposits;- Polders;- Pressure Gradient Force;- RADARSAT-2;- Rating Beaches;- Reclamation;- Reefs, Non-Coral;- Reflective Beaches;- Remote Sensing of Coastal Environments;- Remote Sensing: Wetlands Classification;- Rhodoliths;- Rhythmic Patterns;- Ria;- Rip Currents;- Ripple Marks;- Rock Coast Processes;- Salt Marsh;- Sand Mining;- Sand Rights;- Sandy Coasts;- Scour and Burial of Objects in Shallow Water;- Seabed Roughness of Coastal Waters;- Sea-Level and Climate Change;- Sea-Level Fluctuations over the Last Millennium;- Sea-Level Indicators, Biologic;- Sea-Level Indicators, Geomorphic;- Sea-Level Indicators-Biological in Depositional Sequences;- Sediment Budget;- Sediment Suspension by Waves;- Sedimentary Basins;- Seismic Displacement;- Sequence Stratigraphy;- Setbacks;- Sharm Coasts;- Shelf Processes;- Shell Middens;- Shore Platforms;- Shore Protection Structures;- Shoreface;- Shoreline and Coastal Terrain Mapping;- Shoreline Response to Littoral Drift Barriers;- Simple Beach and Surf Zone Models;- Small Islands;- South America, Coastal Ecology;- South America, Coastal Geomorphology;- Spits;- Storm Surge;- Strandflat;- Submarine Groundwater Discharge;- Submerged Coasts;- Submerging Coasts;- Surf Modeling;- Surf Zone Processes;- Surfing;- Swash Zone Dynamics;- Synthetic Aperture Radar Systems;- Tafone;- Tectonics and Neotectonics;- Thalassostatic Terraces;- Thermal Expansion;- Tidal Creeks;- Tidal Datums;- Tidal Environments;- Tidal Flats;- Tidal Inlets;- Tidal Power;- Tidal Prism;- Tide Gauges;- Tide Mill;- Tide-Dominated Coasts;- Tides;- Time Series Modeling;- Tors;- Tourism and Coastal Development;- Tourism, Criteria for Coastal Sites;- Tourist Beaches;- Tracers and Coarse Sediment;- Trottoirs;- Tsunami Deposits;- Uplift Coasts;- Vegetated Coasts;- Vibracore;- Volcanic Coasts;- Vorticity;- Washover Effects;- Water Quality;- Wave Climate;- Wave Environments;- Wave Focusing;- Wave Hindcasting;- Wave Power;- Wave Refraction Diagrams;- Wave-Current Interaction;- Wave-Dominated Coasts;- Waves;- Wave-Tide-Dominated Coasts;- Weathering in the Coastal Zone;- Wetland Restoration;- Wetlands;-
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