Doing Feminist Research in Political and Social Science

Doing Feminist Research in Political and Social Science


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1. Introduction to Feminist Research 2. A Feminist Research Ethic Explained 3. Feminist Roadmaps: Planning, Doing, and Presenting Your Research 4. Question-Driven Research: Formulating a Good Question 5. Theory and Conceptualization: situating your topic, also known as...."The Literature Review" 6. The Personal and the Political: Constraints and Opportunities of Research Design 7. Designing and Timing a Research Project 8. Sampling Cases, Operationalizing Concepts and Variables, and Selecting Data Requirements 9. Generating and Collecting Data 10. Common Techniques for Analysis 11. Structured Inquiry Research Designs 12. Methods for Data Management and Field Research 13. Writing and Publishing 14. Conclusion: Feminist Research Ethic, Review, and Evaluation.
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feminism; gender; methodology of the social sciences; philosophy; political history; political science; politics; research; social science; sociology