Dimensions of Practical Necessity

Dimensions of Practical Necessity

"Here I Stand. I Can Do No Other."

Mieth, Corinna; Varga, Somogy

Springer International Publishing AG






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This collection of essays provides the first systematic investigation of practical necessity and offers novel perspectives on this intriguing phenomenon. While debates on necessity often take place in the realm of metaphysics, there is a form of necessity that is pertinent to practical philosophy.
1. Dimensions of Practical Necessity: An Introduction Part I. Examples: The Necessity of Love and the Unforgivable 2. Loving Eyes of My Own: Love, Particularity, and Necessity (Marya Schechtman) 3. "I cannot forgive you." The Unforgivable as an Example of a Practical Necessity (Oliver Hallich) Part II. Normative Claims: Personal Practical Necessity and Practical Identities 4. Christine Korsgaard and the Normativity of Practical Identities (Christoph Bambauer) 5. What if I Cannot Do What I Have to Do? Notions of Personal Practical Necessity and the Principle "Ought Implies Can" (Michael Kuhler) Part III. Normative Challenges: Vice and Akrasia 6. Vice, Practical Necessity, and Agential Self-Destruction (Jonathan Jacobs) 7. Three Ways to Understand Practical Necessity and akrasia: Aristotle, Davidson, and Frankfurt (Kathi Beier) 8. Here I stand, I could do other: Can a Person of Integrity Be Weak-Willed? (Arnd Pollmann) Part IV. Volitional and Psychological Challenges: Ambiguity, Psychopathy, and Shame 9. Where? Me? Indeterminacy and Ambiguity in Human Motivation (Jan Bransen) 10. Shame and Necessity Redux (Heidi Maibom) Part V. Concluding Evaluations 11. Here I Stand: About the Weight of Practical Necessity (Katharina Bauer) 12. Morality and Happiness: Two Precarious Situations? (Corinna Mieth)
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