Dimensions of Practical Necessity

Dimensions of Practical Necessity

"Here I Stand. I Can Do No Other."


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1. Dimensions of Practical Necessity: An Introduction Part I. Examples: The Necessity of Love and the Unforgivable 2. Loving Eyes of My Own: Love, Particularity, and Necessity (Marya Schechtman) 3. "I cannot forgive you." The Unforgivable as an Example of a Practical Necessity (Oliver Hallich) Part II. Normative Claims: Personal Practical Necessity and Practical Identities 4. Christine Korsgaard and the Normativity of Practical Identities (Christoph Bambauer) 5. What if I Cannot Do What I Have to Do? Notions of Personal Practical Necessity and the Principle "Ought Implies Can" (Michael Kuhler) Part III. Normative Challenges: Vice and Akrasia 6. Vice, Practical Necessity, and Agential Self-Destruction (Jonathan Jacobs) 7. Three Ways to Understand Practical Necessity and akrasia: Aristotle, Davidson, and Frankfurt (Kathi Beier) 8. Here I stand, I could do other: Can a Person of Integrity Be Weak-Willed? (Arnd Pollmann) Part IV. Volitional and Psychological Challenges: Ambiguity, Psychopathy, and Shame 9. Where? Me? Indeterminacy and Ambiguity in Human Motivation (Jan Bransen) 10. Shame and Necessity Redux (Heidi Maibom) Part V. Concluding Evaluations 11. Here I Stand: About the Weight of Practical Necessity (Katharina Bauer) 12. Morality and Happiness: Two Precarious Situations? (Corinna Mieth)
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