Decolonising Criminology

Decolonising Criminology

Imagining Justice in a Postcolonial World


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Preface1. Introduction: Turning Criminology Upside Down2. Postcolonial Criminology: 'The Past Isn't Over...'3. 'Who Speaks for Place?'4. Decolonising Criminology Methodologies5. Borders Are Strange Places: From Borders of the State to Boundaries of the Prison 6. Restorative Justice or Indigenous Justice?7. Disciplinary Power or Colonial Power?8. Justice in the Shadow of the Camp9. Carceral Feminism: Saving Indigenous women from Indigenous men10. Hybrid Justice (i): Indigenous Sentencing and Justice Planning11. Hybrid Justice (ii): Night Patrols and Place Based Sovereignty 12. Conclusions: State of Exception and Bare Life in Criminology and Criminal "Justice"Index
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