Crafting in the World

Crafting in the World

Materiality in the Making

Burke, Clare; Spencer-Wood, Suzanne M.

Springer International Publishing AG






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Introduction.- Section I: Reconstructing ancient craft practice through archaeology and experiment.- Ch 1. Made to Remake the World: Bronze-Age Tools and the idea of Craft.- Ch 2. Looking over the shoulder of the Bronze Age metalsmith: Using wear analysis to understand metalsmithing practices.- Ch 3. Grasping at Threads - a Discussion on Archaeology and the Study of Craft.- Section II: Reconceptualizing Crafting.- Ch 4. Crafting History: How the World is Made. The case of Islamic archaeology.- Ch 5. Crafting a progressive nostalgia: radical embroidery as a negotiation of the past into a positive future.- Ch 6. Beauty and Grace in making Artifacts: An Anthropological Gaze upon Crafting in the World.- Section III: Teaching and Experiencing Crafts.- Ch 7. The Temporal and Spatial Diffusion of the Sloyd Educational Crafting Tradition Across the Landscape of Western Culture.- Ch 8. Hold Infinity in the Palm of Your Hand: learning the world through place-based craft.- Ch 9. Crafts and Living History: Old Sturbridge Village.- Section IV: The Meanings of Crafting in Modern Societies.- Ch 10. Hands to the Potter's Wheel: A case of technological change in pottery production in Pomaire, Chile.- Ch 11. "El Proyecto Paraguas" (The Umbrella Project): Craft knowledge as tactical tool in marginalized communities in Argentina.- Ch 12. Etsy as a global community of practice?.- Ch 13. Commentary/conclusion.
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