Coastline Changes of the Baltic Sea from South to East

Coastline Changes of the Baltic Sea from South to East

Past and Future Projection

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The challenge of sea level change in the Baltic.- What determines the change of coastlines in the Baltic Sea? - Baltic GIA models and sea level change.- The DESM model for the reconstruction and future projection of coastal morphodynamics.- Multi-scale morphodynamic models and climate.- Diatom based inundation history of Wismar Bay.- Postglacial evolution of Odra River Mouth, Poland-Germany.- Coastal morphogenesis of the Pomeranian Bay - past and future projection.- Recent Wave Induced Sediment Transport and Effective Sediment Transport at the German Part of the Baltic Sea.- Trends in coast development of the Swina Gate area.- New demands on old maps - an approach for estimating aspects of accuracy of old maps as basis for landscape development research.- Reconstructions of coastline changes by the comparisons of historical maps at the Pomeranian Bay, southern Baltic Sea.- Postglacial rebound and sea level since the Litorina transgression.- Retrieving the signal of climate change from numerically simulated sediment transport along the eastern Baltic Sea coast.- Peculiarities of radiocarbon dating in Southeastern Baltic lagoons: assessing the vital effects.- Index.
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Baltic Sea and Coastline Change;Sea-level Change in the Baltic Region;Paleo coastal environment and the Baltic Region;Climate Change and the Baltic Sea;Coastal Morphodynamics and the Baltic Sea;coastal sciences;climate change