Biology and Ecology of Earthworms

Biology and Ecology of Earthworms


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CH. 1. Earthworm Morphology.- CH. 2. Earthworm Physiology.- CH. 3. Earthworm Diversity, Dispersal, and Geographical Distribution.- CH. 4. Earthworm Life Histories and Biology.-CH. 5. Earthworm Ecology: Populations.-CH. 6. Earthworm Ecology: Communities.- CH. 7. The Influence of Environmental Factors on Earthworms.- CH. 8. The Role of Earthworms in Organic Material and Nutrient Cycles.- CH. 9.- Interactions Between Earthworms, Microorganisms, and Other Invertebrates.- CH. 10. Role of Earthworms in Soil Structure, Fertility and Productivity.- CH.11. Adverse and Beneficial Aspects of Earthworms.- CH. 12. Earthworms in Environmental Management.- CH.13. Earthworms in Organic Waste Management.- CH.14. Effects of Agricultural Practices and Chemicals on Earthworms.
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Earthworms;Soil;Decomposition;Annelida;Organic waste management;Soil invertebrate zoology