Advanced Wind Turbine Technology

Advanced Wind Turbine Technology

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Chapter1: Reliability-Based Design Optimization of Wind Turbine Systems.- Chapter2: Computational Fluid Dynamics Methods For Wind Turbines Performance Analysis.- Chapter3: Gearbox of wind turbine.- Chapter4: A New Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Rolling Contact Fatigue for Wind Turbine Bearings.- Chapter5: Lightning Analysis of Wind Turbines.- Chapter6: Advanced Wind Turbine Blade Dynamics.- Chapter7: Advanced health condition monitoring of wind turbines.- Chapter8: Advanced repairing of composite wind turbine blades and advanced manufacturing of metal gearbox components.- Chapter9: Modeling and analysis of offshore floating wind turbines.- Chapter10: Advanced Wind Turbine Control.- Chapter11: Wind Power and Ramp Forecasting for Grid Integration.- Chapter12: Emerging Technologies for Next-Generation Wind Turbines.
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Advanced Wind Technology;Structural Dynamics;Wind Energy;Structural Fatigue;Computational Fluid Dynamics;Gearbox;Bearing;Lightning;Reliability-Based Design Optimization;Wind Turbine Repairing;Offshore Wind Turbine;Wind Turbine Control;Wind Power Grid