History of Palliative Care, 1500-1970

History of Palliative Care, 1500-1970

Concepts, Practices, and Ethical challenges

Stolberg, Michael

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book on the history of palliative care, 1500-1970 traces the historical roots of modern palliative care in Europe to the rise of the hospice movement in the 1960s.
Part I: The Early Modern Period (1500-1800).- Ethical Challenges.- The Experience of Death and Terminal Care in Everyday Life.- Part II: Modern Times (1800-1970).- The Rise and Fall of Euthanasia Medica.- The Practice of Palliative Treatment.- The Doctor as an Emotional and Spiritual Caregiver.- The Perspective of Patients.- Ethical Controversies.- Institutional Care.- The Time after 1945.- Conclusion: Continuity and Change.- Selected Bibliography.
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